Chinese Society of Gastroenterology

    Chinese Society of Gastroenterology (CSG) was officially established in 1980.
    The idea of establishing CSG was proposed for the first time by some gastroenterologists at the National Congress of Internal Medicine that took place in Tianjin in 1964, which, however, was not conducted due to subsequent outbreak of Cultural Revolution. Fourteen years later, renowned gastroenterologists Profs Zhang Xiaoqian, Zheng Zhitian, Jiang Shaoji and Chen Minzhang, etc held a discussion on the establishment of CSG during the 1st National Congress of Gastroenterology that was held in Hangzhou in November, 1978. At that point, the preparatory committee for CSG was set up. Two years later, i.e. 1980, the 1st National Congress of Internal Medicine took place in Guangzhou, during which, CSG was officially established. Hence, CSG was founded in Guangzhou in December 1980.
Its periodical Chinese Journal of Digestion was founded at Shanghai in 1981. The first decision made at the 1st National Congress of Internal Medicine was to publish CSG’s official periodical Chinese Journal of Digestion. The Editorial Board was set up under the Chinese Medical Association Shanghai Society, Prof. Jiang Shaoji appointed as the first editor-in-chief. Chinese Journal of Digestion was published quarterly from 1981 to 1987, bimonthly from 1988 to 2000 and it has been appearing monthly since 2001.
    National Committee (NC) is the governing body of CSG, which is composed of members representing each province and municipality directly under the Central Government. A standing committee made up of about 25 members and a committee made up of about 70 members are set up under the NC, which is involved in the organization of national and international academic conferences and management of routines. The general election takes place every 3 to 4 years. CSG established the 10th committee and generated the leader group from the general election in November 2013. The 10th committee has appointed Prof. Yang Yunsheng as Chairman, Prof. Chen Minhu as Designate Chairman, Profs Zhou Liya, Li Yanqing, Tang Chengwei and Wu Kaichun as Vice Chairman, Prof.Liu Yulan as secretary and Profs Jiang Bo and Fang Yuanli as vice secretary.  
    CSG launched the modified version of its official website in October 2014.