College of Gastroenterology

Chinese College of Gastroenterology (CCG) is an organization that advances nationwide continuing education for gastroenterology under the CSG, whose foundation was witnessed by the 9th CSG (standing committee) in Wuhan on October 13, 2006 as proposed by the Academician Fan Daiming. Academician Fan Daiming, also the Chairman of the 9th CSG, was appointed as the 1st and 2nd President of the CCG, Profs Xv Guoming, Qian Jiaming, Hu Pinjin, Si Jianmin, Yang Yunsheng, Zhang Pengtian, Yuan Zongyao and Chen Minhu were successively appointed as Vice President of CCG and Prof. Lv Nonghua appointed as Dean of Studies. The 10th committee of CSG was founded in 2014, which appointed Chairman Yang Yunsheng as President of the CCG, and Profs Chen Minhu, Zhou Liya, Li Yanqing, Tang Chengwei and Wu Kaichun as Vice President. In accordance with the needs and international development of continuing education for gastroenterology in China, the CCG provides education programs that are centered on the training of clinical diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and standardization of specific practice for clinical gastroenterologists in China rather than research, development dynamics and comprehensive contents, as proposed by Prof. Yang Yunsheng, determined by the standing committee of the 10th CSG through discussion, thus laying the foundation for the functions, working directions and future development of the CCG; The College will carry out foreign exchanges under the English name of Chinese College of Gastroenterology (CCG). 

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