Sino-US cooperation talks between CSG and AGA in Beijing

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REPORT: Sino-US cooperation talks between Chinese Society of Gastroenterology (CSG) and American Gastroenterology Association (AGA) was held in Beijing on September, 25th, 2014. Both of CSG and AGA identified each other as the most representative academic institution and cooperative partner in the field of gastroenterology, respectively. Both sides also reached a consensus on medical treatments, scientific researches and professional training. CSG director of Prof. Yang Yunsheng and AGA president of Prof. John Allen signed a memorandum of cooperation.
ACADEMIC EXCHANGE: During the next three years (to 2017), AGA will accept the invitation from CSG, and select at least 3 specialists to attend the CSG annual meeting according to the CSG proposals. What’s more, AGA will hold the special session The Best of DDW to impart the latest developments of gastroenterology to Chinese Digestive physicians. And US DDW conference will set up an extra Chinese session, in which both the Chinese and American experts will present academic reports annually.
COOPERATIVE STUDIES: Develop cooperation researches (multi-center studies in two countries or in China). Both sides design and implement the study, write and publish the research results together. The authorship would be ordered by the international conventions (depending on the financial support and clinical sample sizes).
PERSONNEL TRAINING: According to the corresponding proposals, Chinese or American Digestive physician will be provided the convenience for recommending and contacting the training projects and institutions in each other’s country. The superiority technologies, diagnosis and treatment of characteristic clinical diseases and correlational researches would be communicated between Chinese and American digestive physicians.  

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