Notice on Call for papers for the 15th Congress of Gastroenterology China

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The 15th Congress of Gastroenterology China, CGC2015, co-organized by the Chinese Society of Gastroenterology and Chinese Medical Association, will be held at Tianjin, China on Sept. 04-06, 2015. This meeting is an important academic communication of Chinese Society of Gastroenterology in 2015. CGC2015 will invite outstanding GI experts from both domestic and foreign countries to present a variety of academic lectures, including special topics, face-to-face communications and clinical case symposiums. In the meanwhile CGC2015 will also arrange CCDD and Youth English papers communications as the previous. The details of calling for papers and attentions are as follows:

Contents of submitted papers should be related to Epidemiological, basic or clinical studies of such digestive diseases as follows:
1.        Minimally Invasive Treatment and Interventional Therapy
2.        Cancer
3.        Nutrition
4.        Somatopsychic Disorders
5.        Geriatric GI Diseases
6.        Combination of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
7.        Pathology
8.        Bio-tissue Sample
9.        Liver and Gallbladder
10.     Esophagus
11.     H. pylori and Peptic Ulcer
12.     Integrated Medicine
13.     Pancreas
14.     Motility
15.    Gastrointestinal Functional Disease
16.    Gut Microbiota
17.    Pediatric GI Diseases
18.    Epidemiology
19.    IBD
20.    GI Nursing
21.    Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
22.    Youth Papers’ communications in English ( winners will be awarded)
Guidelines for Preparation of Abstract
1.        Submitted abstracts should be around 800 Chinese characters which include Objectives, Subjects and Methods, Results and Conclusions. Please note the author's name, department, post code, e-mail address. The author should take all your responsibilities for your submitted papers. Papers for the Youth Symposium Special should be submitted in English and the age of the first author is supposed to be under 45 (born after Dec 1, 1970).
2.        Papers which have been submitted on other national academic conference or published  on public journals will not be accepted.
3.        Please submit your papers on website Submission through e-mail or express will not be accepted.
4.        Deadlines for submission: June 30, 2015.
Chinese Society of Gastroenterology
Academic and Conference Office, Chinese Medical Association
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